5th World Conference on Women
5th Women's World Conference
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Welcome to the 5WWC and 5WCW Living Directory, a fully searchabe database of women engaged in a collaborative, grassroots movement in support of a UN sponsored 5th World Conference on Women. 5WWC/5WCW is being initiated by a coalition women's organizations and individuals who are interested in supporting this initiative.

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The first UN International Women's Conference was held in Mexico City in 1975, followed by Copenhagen in 1980, Nairobi in 1985 and then Beijing in 1995. No further conference have been planned.

Each of the four previous conferences has drawn increasing numbers of women together who inspire and learn from each other and form alliances. A 5th international women's conference could bring over a hundred thousand women from all over the world. With the internet and email able to link women worldwide before and after the conference, the effect of such a conference on the women who attend and on those they can inform and influence is enormous, especially if the circle process is used. 5WWC would foster and support women's concerns and solutions for equality, sustainable livelihoods, preservation of the earth and peace for all.

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