Women of Vision and Action
Embracing the Vision, Taking the Action, Being the Change we wish to see in the world
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Welcome to the WOVA Living Directory.

Women of Vision and Action is no longer an organization, however the Living Directory Network has agreed to continue to host this directory so that former WOVA members can continue to network and connect with one another. For a more detailed explanation of what happened to WOVA, please read the news article at the right.

The WOVA Living Directory is private, secure and without advertising. Participation is voluntary and offered as a free benefit for former WOVA members.

The directory is designed to be self-maintaining, meaning that each member is responsible for keeping her own information up-to-date. In this way, the directory always stays current with minimal effort.

For further instructions on how to update you record and use other features of our directory, click on the "FAQs" menu item above, or on the main menu after you log in.
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Women of Vision and Action News
2004-Oct-3 (Carol Hansen Grey)
Global Womens Forums Available to Former WOVA Members

2004-Oct-3 (Carol Hansen Grey)
What Happened to WOVA?